About Us

Nowstravel stands to help our travel buddies around the world to find the proper way of travel planning, travel budgeting and so on. We are usually recommending some places to visit in a certain country, what to do and how is the best travel budget plan you could spend.

Our world (earth) has so many places to go, and most of them are beautiful. For us, traveling is the most interesting thing to do. We can learn a lot of things such as the culture, nature and also meet some new friends with their courteous. This is an experience we can’t get from the others hobby.

Most of the people in the USA (workers), they are usually afraid to go outta their country, especially for traveling. They are assuming that travelling need tons of budget. This is a wrong paradigm for us. Actually, we can get the best budgeting with the proper travel planner.

A year lately, we spent some miles to travel around the world. We summarize some best places to go. We are also calculating the budget, you can go with the backpacker, solo traveler and also conventional traveler style. Those style of traveling has different budgeting. And this is what people don’t know.

At this website, we want to provide some information that might be useful for you who want to do traveling. We are really hoping that we can continue to share all of the useful traveling recommendations for you.