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Best Camera Benefits to Buy for Travel

Best Camera to Buy for TravelBest Camera to Buy for Travel does make our streets more fun because it can document every moment on every trip. Especially in modern times like this is very necessary once. Before we step further, then we need to know what the camera is. A camera is the most popular tools in photography activities. Previously this name obtained camera obscura, the Latin language is “dark room”, the initial mechanism for projecting the display in which a room works like a modern photographic camera work. In the world of photography, a camera is a tool for forming and recording an event or documenting a particular moment.

There is one type of camera that is currently widely used by the community that is called DSLR camera. It is said that this camera is very sophisticated because it can take digital and then stored in memory. Because today is sophisticated. Unlike the old days that had to use film in the camera if you want to take a picture. The number of images that can be immortalized is also limited to the number of movies we buy so cannot take origin. But not so with this type of camera, can many images as much as the capacity of the memory. Capacity is also much unlike the contents of the film on the Camera is usually less than 50. beside it is the Best Camera to Buy for Travel of this type also have other advantages that can directly see the image of the catch, so if not good can directly delete it again.

Every advancement of time will bring good benefits to our lives as long as it is appropriate to place it. So, it’s a pity if we do not use and not follow the information. Nevertheless, should not use the sophistication of this technology to do that is not good let alone harming others. Then do something useful with his works so that later will be known as a reliable photographer later. Maybe in the following explanation can be useful and may be helpful in determining Best Camera to Buy for Travel.

Best Camera to Buy for Travel: Camera types

Point and shoot (Pocket)

Point and shoot

  1. The camera is very simple, only equipped with zoom lens
  2. A risk to break
  3. Not much manual setting
  4. Battery rock quite durable, replace if we’ve photographed 190-250 photos.



  1. The price is definitely more expensive than Point and shoots type cameras
  2. It has many lenses, so it takes a lot of learning.
  3. A risk to break
  4. The stuff is very heavy
  5. The quality of the resulting image is unquestionable
  6. The battery can last longer than the point and shoot



  1. The smaller cameras are more resilient
  2. This camera shapes combined with points and shoot and DSLR
  3. Picture quality and low light performance are also as good as DSLR
  4. But every time shooting the screen is always on, so the battery quickly runs out.

GoPro (Action Camera)

gopro action camera

  1. Camera hardiness
  2. Fisheye lenses are not easy to replace and are not versatile
  3. This camera is super portable because its size is only slightly larger than a match.
  4. Image quality is not very good
  5. Good battery quality can record video for 2.5 hours

Once we know some types of cameras, hopefully, can be a reference from the best camera to buy for travel, from the above explanation can be concluded that essentially if you want a better picture of the Hip camera and do not want to learn new tricks, then choose a camera for the type of point-and-shoot. And if you want to take photography seriously during travelling, then choose a DSLR type camera. And if you want something between point-and-shoot and DSLR then can choose a mirrorless type camera. And if you want a type of camera that can be taken anywhere when going travelling and without falling, crashing, or hit the water, then choose a GoPro type camera.

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