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Best Places to Travel Alone As a Women List to Visit!

Best Places to Travel Alone As a WomanBest Places to Travel Alone as a Woman – Hi buddy! It is fun and they will have no end if we will talk about traveling. Because traveling is the most interesting and fun. Many positive things that we could feel if we enjoyed traveling. As a refreshing experience, adding insight of the world, being able to enjoy life, take a break from the hustle of working hours and more. Especially if you are a career woman who has a busy schedule and quite tiring with daily working, of course with traveling will give a new color in your day.

But if we want to travel but no one to accompany, do not be discouraged first. There are the best places that can be visited safely even though we go alone. Because the most important thing if we are traveling alone is to choose the place or city the most secure and comfortable. Choose a city that has low the number of pickpocketing, murder, rape and other terrible things. Well, here’s a recommendation from us about Best Places to Travel Alone as a Woman.

Best Places To Travel Alone As A Woman – Writer’s Choice!

Taranaki Mountain, New Zealand

Taranaki Mountain, New ZealandTaranaki Mountain, New Zealand is one of best places to travel alone as a woman for you who likes mountain. If you love the cool mountains, then Taranaki Mountain, New Zealand is perfect for those of you who want to travel to the mountains.

New Zealand is a country known for its security. Having the first position in the safest Country makes the tourists are not worried about the criminality that happened in that country. And Taranaki Mountain is one of the beautiful and stunning mountain resort destinations.

Travel climbing is quite challenging in this mountains, for those of you women who love climbing activities, this mountain is worth to try experience but should remain a priority is physical and mental fitness for this ascent. If you want to travel to this area and follow the climb, then you should come with a local tour guide who already know the terrain of Mount Taranaki.

Maldives beach

Maldives beachWho does not know about the Maldives? The beautiful beach that holds a million panoramic views. This famous beach became one of the tourist destinations visited by tourists. Offering clean and comfortable beaches with many luxurious accommodations will greatly help for those traveling alone.

Full service and fun entertainment will make you will not forget the impression of a trip to the Maldives Beach. So, this is the Maldives is best place to travel alone as a woman for you who the beach.

Munduk Village in Bali   

Munduk Village BaliIf you like a beautiful, quiet and away from the hustle of urban areas atmosphere, then the choice to visit this rural area is perfect for you. This beautiful countryside atmosphere will make you comfortable and at ease to linger long tour here. Especially if you are traveling alone, you will not feel lonely because the village is famous for its hospitality.

Warmly welcome the foreign and domestic tourists who come. Strong cultural culture and traditions that are always supported by the citizens make this village a favorite place to travel either alone or with family. Munduk Bali is the best place to Travel Alone as a Woman for you who likes village.

Plitvice Croatia

Plitvice CroatiaYou will surely be mesmerized by the view of Plitvice waterfalls in Croatia. This waterfall is very beautiful with the basic colors of water that refresh our eyes. The National Park was founded in 1949 located in the Karst Mountains that marks the border of Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina.

The scenery is beautified with a clear view of turquoise-colored lakes flooded with small waterfalls. This waterfall such a great place to travel and one of The Best Places to Travel alone as a woman for you who like water recreation.

Phool Chatti

Phool ChattiLocated at Uttarakhand Gangga India, this is the best place for yoga. This place is nearby to the Gangga River and holds an Intensive Yoga Class. Of course very suitable for those of you who like yoga and want to focus on an intensive yoga class. No need to be accompanied by any travel buddies will be very fun because here there are Yoga instructors and intensive colleagues who will accompany your yoga activities all day. Phool Chatti is The Best Place to travel alone as a woman for you who likes yoga. Such a great combination to travel to India and having yoga near of Gangga River at once, isn’t it?

Seoul Korea

Seoul KoreaK-Pop and K-Drama fever have spread widely around the world, even it for teenagers or adults. Moreover, us as women who really like K-Pop and K-Drama. The matching song and dance from Korean country will be very entertaining for you, beside than that K-Drama heart-wrenching and romantic make you tempted to come directly to places shooting Drama Korea. Watching live filming and historic places in Korea, it will be great fun. Surely for you who like things that related with Korea, Seoul Korea, the Best Place to travel alone as a woman for you who like K-Pop and K-Drama.

So there are the recommendations and tips on Best Places to Travel alone as a woman. Do not be afraid to travel alone, because these places are famous for safe and fun for those of you women who have a hobby of traveling. Hopefully, this article provides information and insight for you about the sights. If any criticism and suggestions please fill in the comment field below.

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