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Best Travel Tips for Italy: Do and Don’t

best travel tips for italyDo search on Best Travel Tips for Italy? What do you think about Italy? Most of people absolutely thinking about fashion and beauty if they heard Italy. But, Italy much more than that. Italy not about history, fashion, beauty or even football. Italy it’s all about culture and social interaction. Italian are very kind.

They love to help each other. So, no doubt over billion tourists visited Italy each year. Italy located in the heart of Mediterranean Sea and shares open land borders with France, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia and San Marino. If we talk about Italy, we can’t ignore Vatican. A unique country in the middle of Rome.

Best Travel Tips for Italy You Can Consider to Follow

So, I guess all of you now more interesting about Italy. How if I want to get there? How much it is cost? What I should do for the first time I get there? Don’t worry about it, I’ll give you best travel tips for Italy.

  • Ticket

cheap flightIf you are living far away from Italy, so you need to buy an airplane ticket to Italy. So many flight goes to Italy from Indonesia. For me who is living in Jakarta, I need 3 times transits. For the cheapest price you can try Thai airways. It is the cheapest full-service airline to go to Italy.

If you take this flight you will transit one time in Thailand. If you people with high nationalists, try Garuda Indonesia. It is take 2 transits in Singapore and Amsterdam. If you want to try middle east airlines try Etihad, Emirates, Qatar Air, or Turkish Air. The price is not much different, it starting from 12 million for return flight. I suggest you if we want to buy ticket, find ticket in low season period and try to visit airline ticket exhibition to get cheaper price.

  • Visa

cheap visa italyIf we enter other country we have to holding entry permit called visa. To enter Italy, we can use Schengen visa. Schengen visa is a Europe visa. We can apply France or Switzerland visa to enter Italy, but term and conditions applied. If we want to make Italy visa, prepare it for at least 2 months before departure. Because Italy or other European country takes more time to approve visa.

Pay attention on visa requirements. Usually people didn’t pay attention on travel insurance. We must have travel insurance to apply visa. We have to interview in Schengen country embassy if we apply visa for the first time. Visa approve after 14-20 working days after interview. if we apply visa is complete all the term to guarantee visa approve.

  • Accommodation

Accomodation italyIf we traveling to other country we have to prepare accommodation. Prepare and listing where we want to go in Italy and then try find cheapest hotel or hostel near places we want to visit. Best travel tips for Italy if we find accommodation is do much more searching information and asking people who ever traveling to Italy.

  • Itinerary

itineraryWe go to other country it is didn’t mean we just go and have fun. We have to prepare everything include itinerary for more efficient journey. We have to plan itinerary to cut budget. For example, day one after landing we have to check in hotel and then go to colosseum for next day we go south to Florence, and Venezia. Then for last day we shopping in Milan before back to Indonesia.

Best Travel Tips for Italy That People Always Ignore

Here are what people often forget when they are in holiday:

  • Always prepare cash money.

prepare cash moneyEven mostly place accept international debit or credit card, you have to prepare cash money because mostly Italian didn’t take card for cheap goods.

  • Brush up your Italian side

Brush up your Italian sideItalian was a nice people, but they will much nice if you speak with their language. So, there is no harm to spoke like Italian like grazie for thank you.

  • Drive in Italy?

aggresive drivingIf you want to drive in Italy just be careful because Italian aggressive while driving. It always traffic in Italy. More wisely if we take public transportation.

  • Shopping

shopping in italyItaly without shopping place like ocean without water. Always pay attention on store operations hour because traditional store usually had afternoon break.

  • Coffee in Italy

italian coffeDon’t forget to drink traditional recipe coffee from Italy. Because Italy is coffee. But don’t just order latte for coffee latte, because you will just get milk without coffee.

  • Season

avoid high seasonTo enjoy Italy, avoid high season such as December. Because December is praying month for most Italian and other country people. At December they will attend Christmas Misa in Italy. And avoid summer because it can be extremely temperatures at summer.


best travel tips italySo, there are some best travel tips for Italy, after all you want to get there or not, it’s depends on you. But like most people said, you don’t know who you are if you didn’t go out of your door.

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