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5 The Most Haunted Hotels in California You need to Visit!!!

Most haunted hotels in CaliforniaWe will discuss 5 most haunted hotels in California today! With the beauty of California, you should make this country your destination. But behind the beauty of California do you know there are scary hotels in California? You need a nice holiday and do not want to be bothered by things like this, do you? Or maybe you want to change your happy holiday become a holiday with horror tours.

The holidays are the best thing that we can do to relaxing after work or school, visiting the most haunted hotels in California?! When we holiday we can go visit places that have beautiful scenery or a nice atmosphere for us. During the holidays we can go together with friends, family or travel alone. During the holiday’s comfy accommodation facilities should be needed, but what if one of our lodging accommodation is a haunted place? Do you still want to take a vacation?

California is a country located in the western part of America. The population in California is the highest population in America. California has the nickname The Golden State because California has a variety of tribes and cultures. California has the most famous cities in America such as Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Francisco.

California has beautiful natural landscapes featuring vast central valleys, tall mountains, hot deserts, and hundreds of beautiful coastal miles. With an area of 410,000km2, this is why California is the largest state in the United States.


5 Top Most Haunted Hotels in California

  1. The Queen Mary

the queen maryThe Queen Mary was a luxury ship in the 1940s that served as a cruise ship and transport troops of World War II. Currently, Queen Mary is a resort and tourist attraction that claims to have the ghost. The evidence of many deaths that have occurred on the ship is listed in the hospital in the stern of the ship. Perhaps the most documented ghost was the fact that John Pedder was squished and killed by a limited water gate in 1966. Rumor has it that he worked in ‘Shaft Alley’ while in the engine room and was caught in door # 13 via a drilling safety.

  1. Hotel Cecil

hotel cecilIt is located at 640 S Main Street, downtown Los Angeles, USA. However, it is not a strategic location that makes it known, but because of its frightening reputation. Tuesday, February 19, 2013, at 10:00 am local time, a corpse was found floating in a water tank on the roof of the Hotel Cecil. Beginning with the complaints of guests who smelling black water out of the hotel’s tap. Officers who checked the water system on the roof of the hotel found the body decomposed a Canadian tourist, Elisa Lam, at the bottom of the tank. In addition to the creepy story, Elisa Hotel Cecil also has other spooky stories in the past, Hotel Cecil is home to ‘Night Stalker’ Richard Ramirez – serial killer, rapist, and robber during 1984-1985. He terrorized Los Angeles before being arrested and found guilty of 13 murder cases. Ramirez lives upstairs at the Cecil Hotel, in a room costing $ 14 a night, as he roams about killing his victims.

Cecil Hotel is closed and apartments will soon be built. Whereas the Winchester house itself is not really a hotel but if you want to stay you can ask the housekeeper. So, you can feel how to stay in most haunted hotels in California.

  1. Winchester Mystery House

Winchester Mystery HouseWinchester Mystery house was formerly the residence of Sarah Winchester. After William’s death, Sarah moved out west and purchased the San Jose home, and quickly set to work ghost-proofing it. She was confirming that this place is haunted!

  1. Queen Anne Resort – San Francisco

Queen Anne Resort - San FranciscoThe Queen Anne Resort is a historic 1890 Victorian home located whilst in the upscale Pacific Heights San Francisco neighborhood. Its original use as a female boarding house but after several natural resources have now turned into a resort boutique in the mid-90s. Hotel and guest staff have reported events and apparitions that believes as Mary Lake, Mary Lake is the dormitory head often-seen in her room # 410

  1. Hotel California

Hotel CaliforniaThe famous song with the title ‘Hotel California’ by The Eagles actually tells the original place of Hotel California located in Baja California. Some of the rooms in this hotel are very well known, especially rooms 5 and 15 where is the possibly murdered daughter of the owner.

How Much I Spent At these Most Haunted Hotels in California

The price offered by each hotel also varies:

  1. Hotel Queen Marry cheapest price offered by this hotel is $ 2000 with room type Balcony room while the most expensive price of this hotel is $ 4850 for room type Queen Grill room. The price of this hotel room is quite expensive because this hotel is on board.
  2. Hotel California for $ 149 just you can get a room at this hotel.
  3. Queen Anne resort $ 275 you can get the hotel room with Victorian style.

Ghost Tour at the Most Haunted Hotels in California

If you like hunting ghosts or mystical things you can follow the Ghost tour. The ghost tour is a night tour where we will visit places that are very haunted just to feel the tension or just look at the sightings at night. Usually, this ghost tour is guided by the person who has guarded the place. For you, horror lovers or just want to just feel the new holiday atmosphere. You can try to do a ghost tour at the most haunted hotel in California.

For those of you who really want to do the ghost tour, you can just look for ghost tour service provider. Usually, the ghost tour service will charge around 12 $ for groups of 11 people or more, 6 $ for 5-10 people and if people want to tour under 4 people then free. So will you try new experiences? You can visit the most haunted hotel in California.

Nice Place around the Most Haunted Hotels in California:

Just because you’re haunted hotel and your vacation are ruined. Around the haunted hotels of California, there is also a great place for you to make a tourist attraction. Here is some nice place around the most haunted hotels in California:

  1. Golden Gate Bridge is a suspension bridge along the Golden Gate. This bridge is enabled to connect the city of San Francisco, California on the peninsula of San Francisco and Mari County, California. Golden Gate Bridge has a length of about 2727 m. Just like any other historical building, the Golden Gate Bridge is the work of Joseph Strauss. Since its completion in 1937 (for 37 years), this bridge is crowned as the longest bridge in the world.
  2. San Diego is a coastal city in Southern California located in the southwest corner of mainland United States. Not only beautiful beaches you can visit, this border city of Mexico also has a major zoo in America, the San Diego Zoo in Balboa Park.
  3. Fisherman’s Wharf, Ghirardelli Square & Aquatic Park. Crowded by visitors, this place is believed as a haunted place. There are also some shows if you visit this place. You will find the souvenir shop, magic show and so many! Enjoying walking at night could be your best experience.
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