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Things to Do At Mt Hood and What You Should Prepare Before

Things to Do At Mt HoodThings to Do at Mt Hood, especially for lovers of mountains, the desire to touch the tops of the mountain sometimes does make us want to repeatedly come again to the same location. Even actually make us more reckless because of the longing for the atmosphere and the air is so beautiful and cool make us forget any risks even if the weather does not support even if we keep on climbing. In the rainy season sometimes in the lowlands just rain often feels unfriendly, especially in the mountains, of course, we will face difficulties that multiply.

There are many things to watch when climbing us, especially in rainy conditions. But let’s see the rain. When the rain is mixed with the big wind or the storm we avoid it. Because it will make a lot of risks especially concerning our lives. Indeed for climbing, we need some special preparation and this applies to anyone without exception either men, women, children, or parents.

Especially in climbing MT. Hood. For hobbies climbing the mountain would already know that climbing a mountain is an activity that is done in the wild, and not a place to play let alone not a place to try. But even so much in demand because the climber is addicted to a sense of natural beauty that is open with a cool air, but can also feel the unwanted nature with a sense of fear as well. For that, we must be obliged to know Things to Do at Mt Hood.

What Things to Do At Mt Hood?

Hikto do list at mt hooding is a time-bound activity. Because the beauty and coolness of nature on the mountain have its own charm that can never be replaced by anything. Even for some young people climbing activities become one of the most challenging activities to do even including one of the extra-choice activities in the student forum, which is undoubtedly under the guidance of people who are truly experienced in climbing it. Because it is a journey climbing this mountain can’t do so carelessly because it really requires special preparation. The special preparation can be physical preparation and preparation of mountain climbing equipment. Physical preparation for example run, sit ups, push-ups, and so forth. And physical preparation is usually done some time before climbing the mountain and must be routine so that the body’s stamina is maintained. Moreover Mount Hood is the highest mountain in Oregon especially in North Oregon, In the Pacific Northwest region of the United States. Its altitude reaches: 3.429 m

(Approx. 11,249 ft) wow is not very high. It is said that Mount Hood was first climbed on July 11, 1857. And the first climber named: Henry Pittock, W. Lymen Chittenden, Wilbur Cornell, T.A. Wood. Mount Hood is a type of Stratovolcano volcano. It’s a bit complicated preparation before we know some Things to Do at Mt Hood.

Mountain Climbing Equipment Ahead Of Things to Do At Mt Hood:

It is very necessary once we prepare the compliment before climbing. We will discuss one by one that is

  1. Carrie / Mountain bag

carrie mountain bagWhich is used to put various fixtures? And the size of this bag is determined according to our needs. That is how long we will climb. Because there are indeed various sizes.

  1. Shoes and Sandals Mountain.

shoes and sandals mountainAs footwear to protect during a trip that may be during the climb will find an extreme area so as a more extra safety and should use a closed mountain boots, so that our feet are more protected from objects and animals in the climbing terrain. But so sandals are also still we need if the shoes have broken or when you want to rest your feet when it reached the top. Choose mountain shoes that are not slippery so as not to get hurt in the wet soil.

  1. Clothing

mountain clothingChoose a comfortable material as needed. Whether it’s a jacket, trousers, gloves, socks, headgear or raincoat.

  1. Food and Drink

cooking food at mountainTry to bring foods that contain more carbohydrates than just instant noodles.

  1. Tents

tentChoose the size to suit the needs.

  1. Flashlight

mountain flashlightUsed for climbers at night. Select a flashlight with a fog light. And select the head light of the hand so you are not disturbed when it must walk.

  1. Knives

mountain knivesUsed for cleaning tree branches or shrubs or as a protector of wild animals.

  1. Sleeping Bag

red gray sleeping bagUsed to rest or sleep on the way and provide maximum warmth.

  1. Matrass

gray matrassAs for bedding on the way up. Choose a comfortable material.

  1. Meds & First aid kit

first aid kit hikingWhat should take are febrifuge, pain relieving medication, anti-allergy medication, asthma medication, diarrhea medication, and antibiotic ointment, anti-bruising medication.

  1. Communication Tools

communication tools for hikingTo make it easier for us to give directions during the climb.

  1. Trash bag

trash bagTo put rubbish during the trip. Because we must always maintain cleanliness during the trip.

Because climbing a mountain is not an ordinary sport, Not just physical and mental strength but more to endurance, because of heavy physical activity while climbing does not last for a while, but for hours or maybe for days. For that need regular exercise to increase the endurance of the body in preparation for climbing high mountains if necessary for beginner climber need fitness test. It’s all a preparation for Things to Do at Mt Hood.

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