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2 Things to Do in Yucatan to Plan a New Year’s Holiday Spend!

Things to Do In YucatanThings to Do in Yucatan has so many tourist attractions, if you want to find a sunny and fun holiday, then there is no harm in visiting one of the most effective goals.

Traveling to the land of the Maya, Mexico does not hurt. Tourist attraction located in the Yucatan region is very much! At this meeting, I will discuss things to do in Yucatan if you want to enjoy the end of 2017 this holiday.

Things to Do In Yucatan by Visiting Yucatan Peninsula

Before you things to do in Yucatan, prepare all the preparations for stability while on vacation is not disturbed. Moreover, the use of visas to travel abroad worth your attention before visiting the Yucatan Peninsula. Archaeologists have long discovered a cluster of rocky holes since ancient times. The Yucatan Peninsula cluster is allegedly caused by a large explosion. Approximately 65- million years ago, a meteorite that has a size around a city. The meteor hit the earth to form a giant puddle with a diameter of 200 kilometers.

Things to Do in Yucatan visiting the Yucatan Peninsula that Owns the Secret

After thinking about visiting the Yucatan, it’s good to prepare healthy, daily needs while travelling, and some administrative purposes. After taking care of everything, you will meet some of the beauty presented to the tourists. Tourist attractions you can visit on the Yucatan Peninsula I will review below.

  1. Whole Pits.

whole pits yucatanThe Yucatan Peninsula in northern Mexico is like a flat and low limestone terrace. The process of formation since ancient times, about 2-million years ago from the shallow seabed that rose. The rocky hole is characteristic of the limestone topography that you commonly encounter on the Yucatan Peninsula.

  1. Crystal Pond.

crystal pods yucatanIn the middle of the dense jungle of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, the majority of people never suspect if there are thousands of mysterious “crystalline pools” in it. Most people are unaware of its existence because the dense forest seems to hide the crystal pool. This pool has a depth of up to 160 meters deeper. Well, do not think I can dive to the bottom. The existence of thousands of “crystalline pools” underground has formed a mysterious underground water world. It was as if there was a strange life no one knew. This “crystal pool” is a rocky hole formed from limestone or limestone eroded by rainwater permanently.

Thanks to that, no wonder if the rainwater filtered limestone like a sponge, then the water will look very clean and clear and looks like made of crystals. You will be amazed to see your face reflected by this pool. Tourists who like to dive as if they would feel adventurous to another country and as if floating in the sky while swimming in this underground water pool. If you are afraid of the depth, do not hesitate to stay in the mini cola because the “crystal pool” is shallow, its depth reaches 1 meter more, while the unfounded. It is said, according to some stories that reached my ears, many people who try to dive an underground hole to a depth of 160 meters. Surprisingly still they could not find the bottom of the pool.

So my review of things to do in Yucatan. Before visiting, it does not matter if you recognize a little information about the Yucatan Peninsula. Hopefully it’s helpful

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