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The top 10 Best tropical Place to Visit

bali-indonesiaTop 10 Tropical Places to Visit have been become the destination for those who want to escape from winter’s icy grip. This is a hope for most of western travelers to get a warm and breezy place. December has become an alluring time to travel in search of much-needed warmth because of the cold winter.  This article will provide top 10 tropical places in order to escape from your winter nightmare.

Then, you will be ready to head off to the place in which beaches, warm waters, and perfect climate await. Don’t forget to pack your swimming suit, sun block, and sun glasses as well. Here are the list of top 10 tropical places to visit by you!!

Top 10 Tropical Places to Visit around This World


kauai hawaii

Kauai-Hawaii is one of the best places to visit in Hawaii. This is called as the Garden isle which offers some of earth paradise such as lush rain forest, waterfalls, and amazing green coastal peaks. Those nature’s beauties would become the highlight of your vacation here. You will find colorful coral reefs in which turtles and tropical fishes swim by diving and snorkeling. You will also find golden beaches and cloud-capped scenery from the beautiful cliffs above Hanalei Bay. You may explore the deep jungle of Waimea Canyon. Waterfalls, tropical gardens, and amazing coastal towns are the highlight for tourist attraction. This is really good to spend place for your tropical vacation.



Bali-Indonesia is the perfect place for those who want to spend great tropical vacation as well as spiritual and cultural side. This place offers not only nature’s beauty but also a lot of temples as the representation of unique culture and religion.  This offers a lot of great beaches to visit, shop to buy, and food to eat, and some of cultural ceremonies to enjoy. This offers a lot of unique things. If you want to experience something new, Bali is the answer of your wish.  Most of all, the budgeting is quite cheap to spend.

Florida Keys

florida keys

Florida Keys is the perfect place to enjoy the coral reef at United States. This is a home of coral paradise. You can enjoy fun tropical fix, fantastic fishing, and pretty palm-lined stretches of sand. There are some attractions offered such as John Penne Kamp Coral Reef State Park, and the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary in which you can dive and snorkel with all your heart. There is also Bahia Honda State Park in which you will find some pretty beaches and the legendary Key West. This provides you all of things around US. This is a good place to visit, anyway.



Maldives is located at southwest of India and Sri Lanka. This offers luminous blue and crystal-clear water. This place can be the perfect tropical vacation once in your life time. Most of the visitors choose one of the remote atolls in which luxury resort and bone-white beaches await. This places offers you some of best to do things such as diving, snorkeling, and even surfing.  Maldives has become the top of surfing destination in the world. There are also popular activities offered such as swimming with manta rays and whale shark and big-game fishing.  Maldives can be your one of the perfect places for a cruise vacation.


Bora Bora -Tahiti

Bora Bora-Tahiti

Bora Bora-Tahiti is the best south pacific paradise. This provides lush and beautiful islands in French Polynesia which rises to a sharp emerald peak ringed by an azure lagoon. This scores top points for natural beauty. This allows us the see clusters of coconut palms bristle along the beaches and the luxury hotels over the crystal-clear water. This official language is French. There are also some water sports which can be fun to try such as kayak trips to tiny motu island, picturesque hiking trails, shark diving, and many more. This place is the perfect place to spend your worth tropical vacation. This is also a good place to spend your honey moon.

Riviera Maya-MexicoRiviera Maya-Mexico

Riviera Maya-Mexico is a home of beautiful beaches, culture, and zesty cuisine. This offers an affordable budgeting with much recommended places to enjoy. This also provides a lot of luxury resorts with a great view and attraction. Some of their top attractions are swimming with the stingrays and dolphins, diving, snorkeling, and fishing. This also provides a very wide and beautiful crystal-clear water view which can bring peace all of sudden. This is a better place to spend your cozy vacations.


Krabi- Thailand may become the most dependable for winter-sun escapes for some western visitors. Krabi is a place in the Andaman Sea, gazing onto Phang Nga Bay – where dramatic limestone stacks litter the water. Krabi offers some luxury hotels in which we can enjoy the view of beautiful beaches there. This also offers one of top attractions, scuba diving opportunities of Ao Nang Beach. This can be your alternative place to spend your tropical vacation.



Jamaica is the Caribbean’s third biggest island which has been a familiar option for British tourists to spend their tropical vacation and winter escape. This place offers some resort areas of Montego Bay and Ocho Rios illuminating the north coast in a sweep of elegant resorts. This can be your one of head to destination while spending your great and worth winter holiday.

Aitutaki-Cook Island

Aitutaki-Cook Island

Aitutaki-Cook Island is a place with close ties to New Zeeland. This is a dream destination to spend your tropical vacation. This offers some of God’s gift luminous aqua lagoon, sublime beaches, clusters of palm trees, and humble local people. Atituki is the jewel of Cook Island. This is the best place at Cook Islands offering some paradise activities such as swimming, snorkeling, diving, kayaking, as well as fishing. All of them are fantastic to do. This place should become your another perfect tropical vacation destination.

Punta Cana – Dominican republic

Punta Cana – Dominican republic

Punta Cana is one of destinations to visit in Dominican Republic. This is a perfect places for those who have low budgeting. This is famous for pretty beaches and great-value resort to stay. Punta Cana provides some of nature adventures such as climbing the highest peak of Caribbean, rafting the white waters of Rio Yaque del Norte, hiking to the waterfalls through the steamy jungle, and also biking through pine forests. Those are the highlights for your tropical vacation. You can experience another great adventure as well as peace vacation.

Those are top 10 tropical places to visit. You only need to enjoy your tropical vacation everywhere you choose to go. Have a nice tropical vacation guys!!!

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