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What to do in autumn in Japan?!

What to do in autumnWhat to do in autumn? Autumn is the transition season from summer to winter. In this season the leaves change in color and will fall. In this season air temperature will become low until winter. Therefore, we must wear warm clothes to protect ourselves from autumn cold air.

Leaf color change this season makes some countries have a unique appeal to of country that have a nice view is Japan. In this article we will discuss about what to wear in autumn, what to do in autumn at Japan, and nice place to visit in autumn at Japan.

What to Do in Autumn?

If you are an autumn lover then you certainly have an interest to see leaf changes color and the view of leaves falling. Not only that, the change in the weather becomes cool also something pleasing after we feel the heat of the sun in summer. What to do in autumn? We can travel to visit the country that has the nice scenery when autumn. Japan became one of the countries that have beautiful autumn scenery. But before we discuss about the good place to visit we have to know what to do in autumn at Japan.

  1. festival autumn japanGo to the festival, in autumn there will be a lot of festival in Japan. The festivals that are held usually have a strong connection with Japanese culture one of them is Jidaii Matsuri festival. At the festival shows the fashion that is in use at the time of Kyoto era became the capital of japan.
  2. baked sweet potatto japanEat baked sweet potato, baked sweet potato is one of symbol Japanese autumn. The smell of baked sweet potato will be smelled at every house in japan. And you can see the sweet potatoes are on sale in most of Japanese supermarkets.
  3. Pickup fruit japanPick up fruits, during the autumn season in some country sides at Japan are usually harvest fruits. This activity can add to your new experience to harvest the fruit.

What to Wear in Autumn

At summer time we are free to wear whatever clothes make us comfortable, short clothing such as t-shirts or shorts pant, and sandals are very comfortable to use during summer. But when the seasons change we cannot use the same clothes caused weather changes. On autumn is not as cold as winter. But the wind blows can make us feel the air cold. Before we discuss about what to do in autumn. Here the following tips on dressing autumn that you can use.autumn outfit japan

  1. Long shirt, at autumn we can feel cold air from the wind breeze. Using a short-sleeved shirt is not an option. If you do not like to wear a layered shirt like a jacket or cardigan you can use a long-sleeved shirt that can protect you from the cold weather.
  2. Light scarf, when the air will begin too cold using scarf is one of the best options to protect your body. Do not use thick scarf like you used in winter. You just need use simply thin scarf but enough warms your body.
  3. Long pants, using short pants when autumn is a very bad choice because the cold air will make our feet feel frozen so it will hard to walk if we use short pants. Using long pants like leggings can be your choice.

Where to Go in Autumn at Japan

After discuss about what to do in autumn at Japan. We will discuss the interesting places that you can visit in Japan during autumn.

  1. kyoto templeKyoto temple, this place is the place you should visit during autumn in japan. This place offers a spectacular view of the tree’s leaf changing colors. You can come in late November to early December. Then you will see beautiful autumn scenery.
  2. hokkaido templeHokkaido, you can feel the early autumn in mid-September in this city by hiking. Thenice spot hiking is around mountain Asahidake, Ginsendai, or Kogen Onsen.
  3. osaka templeOsaka, in Osaka you can visit the Mino park. There is a valley with a beautiful waterfall and a fusion of foliage colors that will make your autumn feel very beautiful. If you want to see the blend of beauty you can come in mid-November to early December.
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