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3 Best Things About What to Do in Summer

What to do in summerWhat to do in summer? Summer is the hottest season for a country with 4 seasons. During summer the weather is very hot with clear skies and stinging sun. However, despite the hot weather there are many people loves summer because we can do a lot of fun without having to be disturbed snow or cold air. We can wear very comfortable clothe without worried to catch a cold.

The first thing to look in summer is cold drinks people are familiar to looking for something fresh in the heat. Ice cream becomes one of the main choices of food that will be very most thing to buy in the summer. Here we will give some tips on what to do in summer, where to go in summer, what to eat in summer

What to Do in Summer?

Summer is one of most awaited season by some students. When summer they will take a long vacation.  They can do many activities without having to think about the school task. Beside the school student, many adults love this season because they can do many activities that they cannot do at the other season.  Here are some activities what to do in summer.

  1. Fishing, going fishing is one of the required activities you can do when summer because it will be sunny weather will make a lot of fish looking for foods.
  2. Camping and make a campfire, activities you can do when summer is camping. Go to the nature can be a fun activity. You can stay away for a moment from the dense city life. In the nature we can breathe fresh air and see the comforting green scenery. At night we can create campfire and sharing stories with friends. And see the beauty of a bright sky decorated with stars.
  3. Swimming, on a hot day swimming becomes something must to do in summer to ease the humid feeling. Playing with water is a fun thing you can do during summer.

Where to Go in Summer

After we know what to do in summer we have to go somewhere too. When summer comes of course we should be able to use as healing time, by going with family or close friends. To spend some fun time with them there are several places that can be your choice to spend summer time.

beach summer

  1. Beach is the best place you should visit during summer. You can enjoy the water tour or just enjoy the beach breeze that can cool down your body. You can spend your time by swimming, make sandcastle, or take a nap in hammock. Look for beaches in your city that you can visit during summer.
  2. Forest, go forest in summer as one of your choices. The cool forest atmosphere will surely make your summers feel more comfortable.
  3. Park, you can go to the park just to enjoy the sunlight and picnic. Doing a summer picnic becomes something you can consider. Gathering and chatting go with by snacks and sunny weather will surely increase your mood, you can also do other things like biking, blow a bubble, or fly a kite.


Food to Eat in Summer

After knowing what to do in summer of course we also have to know what foods we should consume during summer. When summer comes, hot weather would be very disturbing for our body. You need food that fit consumption during the summer.

icy food summer

  1. Ice cream or Popsicle, cold foods made from milk or fruit is a must food that you should taste during summer. The freshness and cold sensations offered by these foods. that are one of the reasons why we should consume in hot summer.
  2. Fruits, dehydration caused by hot weather can disturb us. Drinking water will not be enough to ease it. Eating some fruits will help eliminate dehydration and increase nutrients in your body. Fruits that content high water such as watermelon, melon, pear, and apple are the fruits that are suitable for our consumption. Lemon and orange are also good for consumed but both are more suitable as a fresh juice to relieve the sour taste contained.
  3. BBQ party, when summer we can do BBQ party in our backyard. Roasting sausage or meat as well as some vegetables such as paprika, zucchini, or corn. Would be perfect to spend time with family.
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